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Warmly congratulate Shanghai Tomita hand in Hong Kong Yixing energy-saving air-conditioning Co., Ltd.

2017/10/23 10:55

Autumn October, bid farewell to the 11 holiday, Shanghai Futian Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. ushered in one of the most honored guests this year - Hong Kong Yixing energy-saving air-conditioning Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang, as early as early in the Division I and Hong Kong Yi Xing already have a good Based on the cooperation, Mr. Cai Chuanxin, the general manager of Shanghai Tomita Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., also flew to Hong Kong in August to discuss the cooperation details in the future. Finally, on October 12 this memorable day ushered in an official signing ceremony.



Hong Kong Yixing air-conditioning Co., Ltd is a professional sales and maintenance of air-conditioning refrigeration equipment, a company in the refrigeration industry in Hong Kong in a professional, enthusiastic and prompt as a principle of service, which is consistent with the service purpose of Shanghai Tomita, both technical staff in many technical aspects have a common Ideas, early cooperation and cooperation is also very happy. A few days ago, Shanghai Futian Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. deliberately produced two EC brushless DC fan coil prototype sent to Renaissance Hong Kong site installation testing. Out of emphasis, our company sent Mr. Yu Bingtao, deputy director of promotion department to guide the installation and testing in Hong Kong. During the two-day field testing process, compared with the former fan coil in the hotel, it greatly improved noise reduction, energy saving and cooling effect Enhance, get the hotel leaders and related personnel greatly appreciated.



On the day of signing the contract, Mr. Huang and his delegation visited the exhibition hall and production workshop of our company and learned about the diversified products of our company. The general manager Cai Chuanxin and Xu Xinxiang accompanied us to explain. After the visit, Mr. Huang visited our unit At the advanced technology, professionalism everyone praise, and I Division's strategic cooperation more full of confidence and expectations. Lunch on the day, the two sides together to open the joy of champagne on behalf of the common wishes for smooth cooperation in the future, business Changhong!



In the afternoon, under the leadership of Xu Xin, Hong Kong Yixin and his entourage went to Shanghai Hanzhong to visit and felt the powerful background of the Company and a highly professional technical team. Huang Zong said: This time I came to Shanghai and felt that Shanghai Futian was in Cai Under the general leadership of the thriving scene, with a total vision of CAI, but also has a group of young people with practical work, high degree of professionalism, passion for service, product refined, reliable, durable and strong background, I am very confident in Hong Kong and Macao as well as the larger overseas market opens up a world of Shanghai Futian!