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GUI Week A rather Ru I period hotel

2017/07/01 10:50
Guizhou Anyuan Ruiqi Hotel - terminal equipment Guizhou Anyuan Ruiqi hotel is a national standard four-star hotel decoration, is catering, accommodation, entertainment, conference as one of the multi-





Guizhou Anyuan Ruiqi Hotel is a four-star hotel according to the national standard decoration, is catering, accommodation, entertainment, conference as one of the multi-functional integrated four-star hotel, the hotel green rate of 70%, the hotel is located in Guiyang City expensive Ann National Economic Development Zone. By the end of 2016, it has signed an end product ordering agreement with Shanghai Tomita Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. The fan coil and air conditioner box are provided by our company for its guest rooms, halls and restaurants.
The fan coil in the order uses our most advanced EC brushless DC fan coil, reducing the noise of various public facilities venues, giving residents quiet and peaceful accommodation, while greatly reducing the load on electricity, has been Hotel General Manager and its supervisor strongly recognized. This batch of orders for the first phase of the project orders, a total of more than 300 fan coil units, involving most of the models, the Division I more than one motor design in the cost of equipment for the hotel has brought great convenience. Air conditioning box part of the refrigeration operation reflects the high stability, running more than six months without leakage, pulley rupture and so on.
In summary, the hotel promised to complete the second batch of orders will be completed as soon as possible with our company, the second batch of orders will far exceed the first batch of quantity, our company promised to the hotel will guarantee the quality and quantity of the completion, but also Hope that the successful example of this project to open the Guizhou market successfully, to bring more users to our products Tomita.