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2017 Shanghai Tomita quality month activities

2017/07/10 10:51
On July 7, 2017, Shanghai Tomita Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Cai Chuansheng, under the leadership of Yao Honglei, the Quality As

2017 Shanghai Tomita Quality Month ended successfully

July 7, 2017, Shanghai Tomita Air Conditioning Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Cai Chuansheng, the Ministry of Quality Assurance Yao Honglei under the auspices of the organization to carry out the annual quality and quality of the month's activities, the event will be set at Suzhou Dongshan Hotel, Shanghai Tomita staff actively involved in this event.





Suzhou Dongshan Hotel, located in Taihu Lake in Suzhou Dongshan Scenic Area, covers an area of 360 acres, is the prestigious State Guesthouse, with international five-star standards. Dongshan Hotel Yishanbangshui, the territory of fruit trees, green shade, pleasant beauty everywhere. The hotel has six villas in size, two in the main building. Rooms are luxuriously furnished and fully equipped. The territory of the beautiful scenery, fruit trees, green shade, the East is connected with the vast Taihu Lake, south and green mountains, and has a long history and culture and numerous historical sites.




The quality of the month activities, Tomita we have been completely relaxed in the Taihu Lake, the company for employees to create a good living, catering, entertainment and other facilities. In the Taihu Lake cruise on the picturesque view of Taihu Lake in the farmhouse restaurant taste the authentic Taihu Lake 300, in the Dongshan Hotel enjoyed a five-star hotel services and cuisine. Although the event only a short day, but the entire staff from top to bottom are fun to play, strengthened the staff and staff Futian feelings, pulled into the higher level of leadership and lower the distance between employees so that all With sufficient motivation to join the work in the second half of the year, the staff reflected the ever-increasing humane care of Shanghai Tomita.



On the night of the dinner, Mr. Cai Chuanxin, the general manager of Shanghai Tomita Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Co., addressed the speech: "Shanghai Tomita has undergone a change from last year to today. It is my pleasure to see Tomita gradually get rid of the old mode of operation of Tomita On the right track, and achieved good results. All this can not do without the hard work of all the people here this year, today the company has the opportunity to give back to you I also want to see, and today we gathered in This is a summary of our first half of the year, a comma throughout the year, I hope in the second half to continue working hard and achieve good results, by the end of 2017 can draw a successful conclusion. "At the same time, Cai also revealed the next Six months of employee benefits for the "Kun Dali," seven-day tour, won all the staff warm applause.
Although short-term activities, but leaving the good memories of employees is profound, I hope Shanghai Tomita can keep making progress in the second half, another record high, the end of our Queensland Dali see!