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basic information
I. Overview
A water as a refrigerant, water or steam as heat medium, air delivery, heat and humidity treatment functions. Widely used in all walks of life comfort air conditioning and process air conditioning with fresh air and return air systems, such as: hotels, shopping malls, office buildings.
In order to meet the market demand, our company special design, engineering plastic materials for the framework of the air-conditioning unit should be shipped out. Meet the unit strength, off, heat and other requirements. Is a cost-effective air-conditioning products.
Second, the technical characteristics
1, structural design
Box with PVC column frame structure to ABS for the three links will be tight frame, the surface without bolts. So that all panels are flat, the surface continuous formation, the appearance of clear and smooth.
Sheet metal mining machine base, the surface galvanized.
2, box board
Box board with double sandwich structure. The outer surface of the unit adopts high-quality color steel plate, highly effective anti-corrosion, to prevent scratches; galvanized steel interior. Unit, the outer plate material can also be produced according to customer requirements.
The board is 25mmPU overall foam. Inside and outside the plate thickness of 0.5mm, can also be specified according to customer specifications, the internal pressure injection density 38kg / m3 flame retardant rigid polyurethane insulation materials.
3, overhaul the door
Fan-side maintenance door, in order to facilitate maintenance and repair. Hanging air-conditioning unit with detachable door, easy to small space equipment maintenance. Vertical, horizontal air conditioning unit with hinged maintenance door.
4, heat exchange coil (cooler, heater)
1) The introduction of imported heat exchanger production line.
2) The punching machine imported from Europe, volatile oil film, so that aluminum automatically form a protective film, anti-corrosion, reducing condensation on the aluminum surface of the residence time, increase coil heat exchange efficiency and reduce wind resistance.
3) The heat exchanger coil adopts computer programming automation optimization design, according to different flow, temperature difference and working conditions using different internal processes, the coil heat transfer performance and coil pressure loss are maintained within a reasonable and efficient range, reducing engineering Application of the difficulty.
4) The coil is made of aluminum fins and seamless copper tubes. Another blue wave of aluminum for customers to choose.
5) The heat exchanger tube is made of high-quality copper pipe, diameter 4/8 ", thickness 0.37t, rows 1 to 10 rows, for customers to choose.
6) The whole wear piece, copper pipe through the up tube and aluminum closely integrated to ensure good heat transfer effect.
5, water tray
Cold-rolled sheet molding, the overall paint. The bottom and around the thermal insulation cotton, effectively prevent condensation; water plate with galvanized steel, stainless steel plate two kinds of material to choose from.
6, fan and motor
1) Fan drive form the main use of external rotor direct-connected, belt drive.
2) Fan, motor and base with rubber or anti-shear spring shock absorber, fan outlet with canvas soft and other measures to reduce vibration and noise.
7, filter
1) Unit filter plate early, material is PP or non-woven. Filtration efficiency ≥35%
2) fan filter installation and chute, can be taken directly from the side. For daily inspection and replacement of disassembly.
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Brushless DC fan coil
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