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Compact air conditioning box (Compact)

basic information
Name:Compact air conditioning box (Compact)
Unit performance parameters:
Nominal cooling capacity: 192KW
Nominal heat: 220KW
Rated air volume: 15000CMH
Motor power: 5.5KW
Machine external pressure: 50Pa
Humidification: 50kg / h
Series unit performance range: ZK3-ZK30
Rated air volume range: 3000-30000CMH
Cooling capacity range: 15.8KW-597KW
Optional auxiliary function section:
Filtration section (early, medium-efficiency filter)
Humidification section (wet film)
Heating section
Water stop (wet membrane flap, ABS flap, FRP flap)
Applicable occasions: renovation projects, offices, hotels and other places for the size of the engine room
On a
Dual-channel air-conditioned box